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Oh what fun!

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It's not everyone's idea of fun, but it has to be done.  Keeping up with cleaning is not like 'Keeping up with Kardashians' - there is at least some point to it.  Why bother to keep the galley clean?  After all you're only going to make it dirty again - right? WRONG!  Food will not only spoil, you risk food poisoning and inviting insects and vermin on board.  Well, that was fun, so how do you get rid of cockroaches on a boat?  READ MORE HERE


Cockroach control and management are important for health and safety reasons. If you suspect a cockroach infestation, DON'T PANIC, there are simple and safe ways of dealing with them.

The most simple method is BORIC ACID, use bottle tops, equal amounts of boric acid, water and sugar.  Place the 'tops' inside cupboards, drawers, even in galley stowage areas.  Boric Acid is no more harmful to us humans than salt.  Cockroaches are attracted to the water and sugar, they ingest the boric acid at the same time, this 'bungs' them up, rendering them unable to consume more water, thus they die of thirst.  Boric acid can be purchased in pharmacies, and is very cheap.

Roach traps can be bought in most countries.  Place them in cupboards, lockers, corners.  However, they contain poison, if you have any pets on board, there is a possibility that the poisoned roach could be consumed by your pet.

Bombs (not the nuke variety).  This is a fairly radical approach.  Having let off a bomb in your boat you will have to vacate for a while, and remember that when you return, everything will be covered with a thin layer of insecticide - always read the instructions in these cases.

If leaving your boat for any length of time, the bottle top approach is probably the best, remember to keep the 'tops' topped up with water from time to time and check them when you return.

Once you've manged to rid yourself of them, keep a control up for a few days.  A jam jar (one with an overhanging lip on the inside), some beer, vaseline and a piece of bread is all you need.  Fill the jar up to about one quarter, put in a small piece of bread.  Now smear the inside of the jam jar lip with vaseline  (so that they can climb in, but not out.   You will need to create a little ladder for any visitors here, a piece of kitchen towel taped to the lip is perfect.  Leave this jar in an area where you believe you have had any cockroaches.  If you get any in the jar, then you still have a problem, if after a few days the jar is roach free, then you have successfully managed to rid your boat of the problem.